Why Can’t the City Council Adhere To The Code of the City of Newburgh

The immediate issue regarding the  proposal of building large mixed use developments along Broadway (between Concord Street and Grand Street, spanning a total of 10 city blocks) is the fact that the City Council wants to amend “Chapter 300: ZONING; Article VII: Special Use Permits” so they have the power to hear and decide on applications to permit building a large mixed use development along Broadway. Currently, Chapter 300: ZONING begins as follows:

“Power. The Planning Board shall have the power to hear and decide on applications to permit the proper integration into the community of uses which may be suitable only in specific locations in a zone or only if such uses are designed and laid out on the site in a particular manner, provided that this chapter otherwise permits such uses subject to the validation of the Planning Board.”

What hasn’t been answered is why does the City Council need this power as opposed to letting the Planning Board decide. The idea of building this development is their ultimate goal, but what we have to focus on first is NOT to let the City Council be the ones to authorize the building of this project.

Call the city officials (The City Council Board Members) at (845) 569-7301 and tell them the Planning Board should maintain the power in deciding who gets special permits issued.

    • Mayor Judy Kennedy
    • Council Member Regina Angelo
    • Council Member Cedric Brown
    • Council Member Curlie Dillard
    • Council Member Gay Lee




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